There’s something innate in us as human beings that responds to stories. That’s why story and storytelling is such a powerful tool for building a company or personal brand.  

Nicole Hatherly is a great believer in using the power of story for building a personal or company brand. Her results have been astonishing. On the Dent Podcast this week she shares her secrets for finding and sharing your story for greatest effect. Make sure you have time to take away what you can from this episode. It’s a jam-packed episode full of practical, tangible, brand-building goodness, so make sure you have a pad and pen handy.

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For more than 25 years Nicole has been a branding strategist, speaker, commentator and founder of consultancy Brand True North. Her expertise has helped companies stand out from the crowd and truly connect with their prospects and customers.

We delve deep to unearth how Nicole got to where she is, her trials and tribulations, as well as her successes, and what her experiences can teach us all.

Here’s just some of what we get into:

  • Defining what a brand is
  • The 7-step strategy for creating your brand true north
  • Story-selling and the six archetypes for entrepreneurs
  • Understanding the 12 brand archetypes
  • Unearthing your brands archetype (it’s personality)
  • Getting your product or service into the hearts and minds of customers
  • The importance of your story (Why are you in business?)
  • Bringing your business to life through your story-selling archetype
  • Overcoming sales objections with story
  • How to make your PR and advertising zing with a human face



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