The stressful thing about writing a book called “Oversubscribed” is that people expect it to sell quite well. If this book bombed it would be especially embarrassing!

So it’s with a great deal of relief that I can say the book’s doing OK. It’s become a #1 seller for all major business and entrepreneurship categories on Amazon.

Here’s the intro:

There are restaurants that people line up for. There are products that you must pre order months in advance. There are tickets that sell out on the day they are released. There are stocks that go roaring up in value right after they float.

There are cars that were bought before they were built. There are properties that sell off the plan when they are nothing more than a set of drawings. There are consultants who are booked 6 months in advance. There are hairdressers who charge 10 times more than others and you have to book weeks in advance. There are bottles of wine that are purchased while their grapes are still hanging on the vine.

There are people who don’t chase clients, clients chase them.

In a world of endless choices, why does this happen? Why do people line up? Why do they pay more? Why will they book in advance? Why are these people and products in such high demand?

This book explains why. It’s caused by a phenomenon known as being “Oversubscribed”.

Oversubscribed is when there are far more buyers than sellers. It’s when demand massively outstrips supply. It’s when many more people want something than capacity allows for.

This book is designed to give you a recipe for becoming over subscribed. There are key ideas that drive this phenomenon.

First of all, before I share any ideas you might be wondering why you should listen to me?

Let me tell you a story.

In January 2013, I issued an email to my clients in Melbourne. The email said this:

“We have sold too many tickets to the event in Sydney. If you’d like to sell your ticket back to us, we will pay you double what you paid in order to reclaim your ticket.”

It wasn’t a joke, a gimmick or a ploy. It was genuine. We had sold too many tickets to our event. We had a similar problem in Sydney two weeks after, then in London, then in Florida.

This wasn’t happening by accident. It was orchestrated to be like this. In this book I will show you how.

In my business, we often book clients 3 months in advance. It’s not something we do to be mean, it’s just how far in advance people start booking if they want to work with us.

If someone says they aren’t sure about working with us, we don’t argue or try to sell them. the team smile politely and say that it’s ok not to. We don’t need to convince people, we are oversubscribed.

In my 20’s I discovered some very valuable ideas on how to make a product or service oversubscribed. I launched my first company at age 21 with a $7,000 credit card. Within 12 months I’d made over $1million in sales and had over $300,000 cash in the bank. By age 25, I’d used the same insights to make over $10m in sales and had made myself a fairly high amount of money for a young man.

For the fun of it, I moved to London at age 25 with my best-friends and business partners. We launched a new marketing business with a small amount of start-up cash and once again we made millions in sales within 12 months. Once again, the same principles were used for becoming “Oversubscribed”.

So why am I sharing these ideas? Well as you’ll discover in this book, there’s no scarcity in the world for people who share abundantly. One of the ways I keep myself “Oversubscribed” today is by being a best-selling author who’s known for sharing big ideas. I’ve learned the more I share the more I’m in demand.

I also believe that the principles in this book lead to better businesses for everyone involved – for the customers who get a higher level of service, for the business owners who stop chasing and for the employees who enjoy being part of a business that’s in demand.

My big vision is for millions of entrepreneurs and leaders to become more empowered to tackle bigger problems. This book is part of that vision too.

The ideas in this book are designed for quality businesses, who care about what they do to be able to take their products to market more effectively.

The ideas in this book are not for people who want to run a gimmick, make a fast sale or pull a swift win over their unsuspecting buyers.

Before the ideas in this book will work for you, you must have an offering you believe in that genuinely serves people. You must feel passionate about it and the value it presents to the world. You must love what you do, you must care about your customers and you must want to be in your business for the long haul. For the rest of this book, I will assume that’s a given.

If you attempt to use the ideas in this book to make a quick profit at the expense of your clients I promise you it won’t last. Over time and distance people will get to know you and your reputation will suffer. With a poor reputation, you’ll struggle with every aspect of every business you attempt in the future.

This book contains explosive tactics and strategies for attracting a lot of people to your business. You better be damn sure they will be happy with whatever it is you’re going to sell them.

Being oversubscribed is the way for you to do you best work. It’s a way for you to spend more time with your clients rather than chasing new ones, it allows you to innovate your products rather than running around selling them and it allows you to build your brand rather than blending in with the crowd.

I’ve written this book because I understand the struggle most entrepreneurs and leaders go through.

We live in remarkable, changing times and the ideas that worked 5 years ago aren’t working anymore. Everyone is under pressure to innovate and put results on the board.

The decade ahead is going to be challenging and inspiring all at once. Humanity is about to go through its greatest challenges and see its greatest achievements. The pace of change is speeding up and the way the world of business and society works won’t look the same in 10 years from now.

Many people will see this as a great wave of change that sweeps them out to sea and some people will see this as a great wave that can be surfed and enjoyed. If you’re like me, you’ll be paddling hard now to be on the surfing side.

Right now there’s creativity required.

By the end of this book you’ll have a method for becoming oversubscribed. I’m going to unpack a process for getting yourself in the envious position of being in demand.

It’s up to you to apply the process to your business and it’ll take trial and error before you get it right. Ideas are easy and implementation is hard.

Stick with it though because the payoff is extraordinary. Once you are oversubscribed you’ll earn more money, have more fun and attract more opportunities.

Rather than chasing opportunity you’ll curate the opportunities that show up. Your inbox will become a garden of opportunity rather than an endless stream of tasks to follow up on.

This book isn’t just about a method. I’m going to start out by addressing some problems that most businesses make and I will share some of the stories and principles that drive the philosophy behind the method.

My goal is for you to get these concepts on a deep enough level that you’ll make better decisions at an intuitive level and you’ll be approaching your business with a different outlook.

For that to happen, you might need to read this book several times and let the ideas sink in. Some of the ideas in this book are woven into the stories and I’m subtle about them.

There’s a rich tapestry out there and you’re part of it. As with any tapestry, you simply can’t see it if you’ve not got the right perspective. When you take a few steps back you can see the bigger picture.

I’m hoping this book gives you a look at the bigger picture. The tapestry isn’t just in this book. The book might be a guide to seeing it. If you haven’t seen a bigger picture, go back and read the book again. The tapestry is too rich to miss and too big to put in one book.

I hope you see it.

Let’s begin a journey together that starts where you are right now and leads you to where you want to be.


You can order your copy of ‘Oversubscribed’ here.