Paul is an absolute mastermind of efficiency in business and timesaving techniques. Having spent 18 years working at Coca-Cola where he rose to General Manager, Paul had to take a step back and change his lifestyle due to the impact of an inherited kidney disease. He set out on a new business venture, removing himself as the “bottleneck” and surrounding himself with an incredible, high-performing team at Build Live Give. Thanks to Paul’s genius and tenacity, he’s been a riot success and now helps others to maximise their resources by bringing together people and tech. And while Paul works with entrepreneurial businesses, he also deals with some serious players including NASA, Apple and BMW.    

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Outsourcing, organising and optimising team performance is critical to success in business, but often overlooked by the founder. Paul’s system and the techniques that he employs allow entrepreneurs to focus on core business and profit drivers, and less on admin.

He totally blew my mind with his tips on the inner-machinations of team optimisation, and was kind enough to share some awesome new tech systems that I’d never heard of. I’ve included all those as links below, but seriously listen to the show because it’s an absolute crash course in increasing revenue and saving time, whether you’re running an established business or just starting out.

In this episode we really get into:

  • How to find highly talented and affordable people anywhere in the world
  • How Paul uses collaboration software and tools to organise and optimise team performance
  • The importance of balancing value and quality when building your team
  • Why Paul chooses Podio as his go-to organisational platform
  • The importance of time optimisation, particularly in terms of profit

And if that wasn’t enough…

  • Paul’s journey to the top, working at Coca-Cola for 18 years
  • His experience running teams at billion dollar business levels
  • His work with entrepreneurs
  • How Paul goes about helping businesses style themselves globally
  • The importance of the global business network
  • Paul’s research into web-based, collaboration platforms
  • Paul’s work with the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) charity
  • Which apps Paul uses to improve his efficiency and why
  • How and why Paul trains his clients in inbox management
  • Easy ways to triple your revenue through organisational strategy
  • Which is the best internal team chat software
  • The importance of having an assistant as a business owner and entrepreneur


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