If you want to grow your business you need other people…whether they are partners, associates or affiliates. Whether you find them on Elance or you employ them, if you want to get beyond trading your life for money and grow your business without killing yourself, other people are essential.

Many business owners shy away from employing people as an option. They say things like …

“Ooh I tried that once and I’m not going down that route again!”…

“No way! Far too much hassle”…

“You gotta be kidding me…I can do the job better and quicker myself”

Others who already have employees are either struggling with, or hugely frustrated by, the whole experience. They may remark …

“I’ve told them a million times how to do this…why don’t they just get it..?”

“I just can’t get them to stop playing on their mobiles…”

“Why do they keep making the same mistakes..?”

Maybe you recognise your own grumblings here.

The truth is, if you have the right systems in place and the right mindset employing people is not only straightforward, but also hugely rewarding.

By the right systems I’m talking about your systems for hiring, personal development and performance management. They are the 3 essential systems that keep everything consistent and controlled, keep everyone informed and engaged and that make your employer brand as reliable as your business brand.

When you think of hiring people my guess is that the words HR, legal and discipline spring to mind for most business owners – the soul-shrinking, limiting side of employment! So I challenge you to adjust your thinking and change your mindset so that hiring a team is more about helping individuals to fulfil their potential.

Think about the potential of working with engaged employees who want to do a good job and get recognised for it.

Think about running an efficient business where you have control without having to be there 24/7.

Your business will grow to whatever size you want it to, without the hassle you currently experience or have experienced in the past, if you:

  1. only hire the right people – people who share your business values.
  2. show an interest in them and develop them as individuals.
  3. give them all the information they need, and logical systems so that they can do the job to your high standards.
  4. manage their performance – give them structured feedback regularly and consistently – making sure they know the consequences, good and bad.
  5. recognise them and reward them for a job well done.

Look to the likes of McDonald’s, Virgin or Apple if you doubt what I’m saying.  Successful business is based on the strength of your employer brand as much as the brand you market to your customers.

Build your people and you will build your business.

Note: if this is still a dark art for you and you want to know more about the “How to” – pick up a copy of my book ‘Process to Profit’ which shares a lot of info about setting up your people systems.