Can you remember the day you first learned about the amoeba? That blob of wobbly jelly with a black dot inside called the nucleus – the heart or engine room of the thing. 

Not a very scientific description I know, but the image has stuck in my head over the years, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be in your minds eye right now.

But do you ever feel like that amoeba? 

Like you’re the nucleus in the middle of this unwieldy, uncontrollable lump of jelly called your life?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about ‘the  accidental manager’, that person who finds themselves removed from what they’re really good at, to do something they’ve little or no experience in, and for which they’re given no training – managing people.

Some accidental managers are great – if they have vision, if their natural tendency is to involve and empower people, if they lead by example and have great organisational skills – they can build a great team.  Someone who’s bought in, heart and soul to the purpose of the business will often overcome any lack of training, and regularly deliver better results than those who’ve been taught how to manage, but have no passion.

Are you that ‘accidental manager’? 

Did you get into business because of your passion for art, building, transforming people’s lives; are you skilled in design, in finance, in speaking to a group, but now find yourself with people to manage, and a whole range of overwhelming challenges? 

Or maybe you’ve created accidental managers? 

You’ve ripped your best people from the comfort of what they excelled at, and told them they’re now responsible for managing a small team, maybe even just one other person…without teaching them how to do it?

Do you have ‘people pains’ in your business? Do you regularly lose whole days dealing with people issues? Do you go home at night needing to offload to your other half about how your team just don’t work to the standards you expect?

If any of the above is true for you, you’re certainly not alone. It’s a bi-product of success that just seems to creep up on you. But the good news is, you can overcome it. You can learn simple strategies and simple skills that over time will build you that high performing team that we all want in our business.

The question is though, will you take the action you need to? Are you going to keep doing your best or transform what your ‘best’ can be?

Take that first action today.

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