Are you looking to write a book? Or do you want to write a book but the idea of manually cranking it out yourself is not your cup of tea? In this episode, my guest is an expert in helping entrepreneurs write their books but also specialises in a booksmith product where a team will produce a book on your behalf after extensive interviews. Lucy McCarraher’s entire background is publishing and writing, and, as the publish mentor for the Key Person of Influence Accelerator programme in the UK and Singapore, Dent has overseen over 550 individuals become authors around the world.

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How to Write Your Book Without the Fuss

Lucy and I talk about the first draft writing process and she provides hints on how to accelerate the first draft. She shares her experience on how to go to market with your finalised book and exactly how she creates a strike rate of 80% of authors becoming Amazon #1 best sellers. Her own book, How to Write Your Book Without the Fuss, brings you through her series of steps of publishing. You can get a copy by emailing Lucy at If you’re looking to become more prolific as a content creator and author, learn the steps today to process your own book.

In this episode, we get really into:

  • Publishing strategy for entrepreneurs writing their own books
  • A product for busy entrepreneurs that helps them produce a book through interviews
  • Interesting tools in how to build a writing habit
  • How to accelerate the process of writing a first draft
  • The steps to follow when you are ready to go to market
  • Lucy’s secret in how she has created a strike rate of 80% of authors going to the Amazon #1 best seller list
  • Mindmapping to brainstorm a book idea in the first place


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