Whether it’s your own energy or the energy of your team – if it’s your job to lead, then it’s also your job to make sure energy and focus levels are high to ensure peak business performance.

But when it comes to boosting morale and motivation, there are seven common mistakes leaders make that actually deplete energy levels altogether:

1. They don’t fuel their own energy levels first.

Being the boss is a tough gig. Energy is contagious, both in the positive and negative sense. So, if you aren’t energised or able to manage your energy well, how can you expect to lead with energy?

2. They don’t set a team vision.

This is the difference between inspiration and motivation. Motivating people is exhausting. Inspire your team behind a goal that is bigger than the individual, clearly define success and you will unleash energy in your team you never knew existed. And, without any additional energy required from you.

3. They aren’t consistent.

As a leader it is your job to be aware of your energy levels and create a consistent experience of your leadership. Extreme highs and lows in energy will leave a lasting impact on your team. If you are experiencing either, and you are unable to control it, remove yourself from the situation until you can.

4. They forget about recovery.

Everyone needs to recharge their batteries. Role model down time and insist your team schedule it for themselves too. A depleted team member can impact the energy of the whole team, so make the call and give them permission to take the day off rather than affect everyone. Remember to be consistent about this too.

5. They don’t make sure individual contribution and KPIs match.

Make sure your team are rewarded for directing their energy in the right direction.  Check that your performance incentives are actually driving the right behaviours. And if your team is working with another team adopt shared goals to create a bigger impact together.

6. They forget about the small moments.

Creating the big rah rah of a team workshop is great. Until you walk in the next day and don’t say ‘Hello’ or chose to send an email to a person metres away from you destroying all the great energy you built up. Get up off your ass and have a proper chat, every single day. Or FaceTime is good too.

7. They try to fix and manage vs enable and lead.

It’s not your responsibility to fix people. Enable them with tools, knowledge, experience and they’ll take responsibility themselves. Read more on this here.