Last Tuesday, our founder Daniel Priestley was invited to take part in the in #AskAPioneer LIVE Q+A by Virgin Media Pioneers.

Virgin Media Pioneers is a community dedicated to inspiring, supporting and celebrating every small business founder and entrepreneur who wants their business to grow. They have over 9,000 Pioneer community members and nearly 19,000 social media followers.

Each week they invite business leaders to answer a series of questions from the public, so you can gain some insights that might just change how you do things in business. Become a part of the Pioneer community, and you can tap into industry leaders for top tips – and be inspired to keep growing. Join here

Some of the key questions that Daniel answered this week were:

1. How do you prove your value to a prospective client?
2. How do you secure contracts with venues in your events business?
3. What three things do entrepreneurs need to consider that they are probably not?
4. How do you deal with setbacks when starting and growing a business?
5. What’s the greatest lesson you have learnt in business in the past five years?
6. What pioneering role have your books played in the growth of your business?
7. Do you think helping small companies with events is beneficial for experience?

Find out the answers here


If you’d like to hear all of Daniel’s answers, check us out on Twitter @dentglobal, or search through the hashtag #AskAPioneer.