If you’re thinking yes, then you seriously need to read this:

Successful businesses don’t get clients one at a time. 

There are restaurants that people queue up for, products that you must pre-order months in advance, tickets that sell out on the day they are released and stocks that go roaring up in value right after they float. 

There are cars that were bought before they were built. There are properties that sell when they are nothing more than a set of drawings. There are consultants who are booked six months in advance. 

There are hairdressers who charge five times more than others and you have to book weeks in advance. There are bottles of wine that are purchased while their grapes are still growing on the vine. 

There are people who don’t chase clients, clients chase them. 

In a world of endless choices, why does this happen? Why do people queue up? Why do they pay more? Why will they book in advance? Why are these people and products in such high demand? 

At Entrevo we call it being Oversubscribed. It’s when your business separates itself from the market and becomes its own mini economy and in that economy demand is greater than supply. 

There are three ways to move yourself closer to being Oversubscribed: 

1. Become a Campaign Driven Enterprise. 

These in-demand businesses don’t go after clients one at a time. Instead they run promotions, events, special deals, launches and other campaigns. They engage groups of people, they build a crowd before they give their performance. Apple don’t just put their products on the shelves and hope for the best, they run campaigns for months in advance. 

2. Educate the Market. 

These businesses are generous with their insights. They position themselves as thought leaders and market educators. They promote causes, they rally people to adopt new ideas and they call the trends before they are obvious. People like Jamie Oliver, Oprah and Richard Branson are constantly sharing their view from the front line. 

3. Choose Who You Want to Do Business With.

Rather than trying to sell to everyone, these businesses select their clients on their own terms. They set a criteria for who they want to engage as a customer and they stick to it. They don’t try to please everyone; they do extraordinary things for the type of clients who will appreciate it. 

And There’s a Fourth Way.

On Friday 20th November, I’ll be running a workshop in London covering the seven philosophies oversubscribed businesses live by, how you can separate yourself from the market, why you should stop behaving like a business and much, much more.

If you’re interested in finding out more and coming along click here