Creating an Iconic Entrepreneurial Life is really simple – we were designed to create, resolve problems and evolve.

The way we live our days definitely determines the way we create our ways. You were constructed to win, designed to wow, and you’ve been built to inspire. You are a creator of enormous power…..

Less than three years ago I started my entrepreneurial journey. One belief that helped me build and develop my own business was “if someone else can do it, I can”. Of course I made many mistakes on the way. Life in general has those ups and downs, it helps to simply acknowledge them and remain focused on your mission and vision…

If you have not so done yet, I encourage you – right now – to take a pen and paper, your iPad or laptop and write down your mission statement so you can get clear on your vision. To build an Iconic Life, you must be prepared to channel all of that will power to create your dream, your iconic life…

You may think right now something like “it’s easier said than done”, “it’s hard”, “I don’t know how…” or you simply may not believe it is possible for you. Let me reassure you, the life I live today was only a dream four years ago. I’m now an internationally recognised author, speaker at the Body Mind and Spirit event, featured in magazines and I work with senior executives of some of the top FTSE 100 companies.

I can tell you for sure it wasn’t easy. I had to be consistent in the way I was doing things, invest in my personal development as well as my business, and roughly a year and half ago I decided to join the KPI Program. This lead to writing and publishing my book “A Path to Wisdom – How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life”. I met so many great entrepreneurs and soon many doors started to open.

In this journey I met many people from all walks of life, some successful, some on their way to becoming successful and others who were victims of their own circumstances. This made me extremely curious why some people such as Mike Harris, Richard Branson and Bill Gates were able to build Iconic brands and many other entrepreneurs were struggling to break even.

Let me run you through some of the core distinctions between those who operate at average…

…and those who have the guts and acumen to aim for ICONIC

We live in a world where too many people have given up the ability to go deep and read intensely, preferring TV, friends dancing, cat videos and short bursts of cotton-candy content designed to entertain versus educate…

…my heartfelt encouragement is stay with this post until the end. Reflect on the insights I’ve worked so hard on, share my findings and most key, live and be the message

And so…here are my five things that distract you from living and creating your life, and how to shift them…

#1. Focus on You. What keeps you as an average performer is talking about others. If you are ready to join the Iconic producers then you must get obsessed with discussing your dreams with those who believe and those who are ready to be of service to support you in this dream. This year so many wonderful people have come into my life to support me in my global mission – Sandra, Mindy, Paul Miller, Ben, Daniel, Anthony Wade and Adam Frewer are just some of the wonderful people who I share the Iconic vision with, and who are keen to participate and be of service.

#2. Work hard, play SMART. What I see with most of my clients and friends is that those who are average performers also adore leisure. They know the hot TV shows, spend their finest hours playing video games and are first among friends to secure the latest gadget. On the other hand the Iconic producers are vastly different…their addiction is learning, sharing, connecting, partnering up with people with similar values. They invest in books, go to conferences, mastermind with masters and do whatever it takes to make their tomorrow better than their today. Please remember: the more you know, the more you can achieve. Knowledge is the greatness creator, it is the key that opens many doors.

#3. Iconic People are special. Lets clear this up right now, no they are not, they are just like you and me. Entrepreneurs who are average performers resign themselves to mediocrity, thinking that the elite are somehow smarter, faster and cut from a different cloth. This kind of thinking is just an old myth you may have picked up from your parents, culture or the society you have lived in. Don’t buy into it. The Iconic producers have a different perception. They understand that being a genius and legendary is not the result of divinely-orchestrated talent. Nope. It’s a lot more about focus, discipline, sacrifice, suffering, stamina and ridiculous amounts of hard work. They get that rising to world-class is never easy. But it’s always worth it.

#4.Value Time. Time for average performers is something that is not respected. They disrespect both their personal and other peoples’ time. You’ll see them waiting hours for a great table in a cool restaurant. They buy groceries when everyone else buys groceries. They are often late and known for procrastination. What I observe in all of my successful clients who are Iconic producers is that they truly understand that time is a blessing. They use their best hours for their most important pursuits. They have a clear written plan for the next 10 years, 5 years and this year. They schedule their days, knowing that structure is the doorway into freedom.

#5. Move around people who already are Iconic Entrepreneurs. If you are in the company of people who have a victim mindset then you know you are with average performers. Everything is “a mess” or “trouble” or “a problem”. We all know that the words you use drive the energy you feel. And to rise to exceptional, you need to tap into your natural reservoir of massive energy. So iconic producers leverage their words to raise their games. Their language inspires and reveals the fact that – deep within – they view themselves as the captains of their fate versus powerless little pawns.

And don’t forget… meditate daily. To elevate your life to the next level and help you in your journey to create an Iconic Life, make sure you get a copy of my book HERE. Learn more about the hidden communications that happen inside of you, your coping mechanisms and how to master the emotions that keep you average and close the doors to be ICONIC…

Tons of respect and appreciation,

Tony Jeton Selimi
Elite Life Coaching for Inspired Living