Simply put: workplace culture can make or break a company. To build a successful business and keep employees motivated, it’s essential to understand the impact of organizational culture on employee performance.

A good culture in any company can bring a significant difference in the organization with high employee retention rates and employee satisfaction levels.

Jack Welch, an American business executive says, “No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in this mission and understand how to achieve it.”

Knowing that a strong culture is important to persistently motivate and energize employees, I analyzed and examined the cultures of other companies to help me foster a company culture in a positive way.

Here’s what I discovered:

– Building a positive workplace culture in an organization allows employees to feel that they are an integral part of the organization and responsible for making an impact on the growth of the company. Every employee takes ownership of their responsibilities and strives to accomplish the business objectives.

– Being transparent with employees and other stakeholders of a company is very important, so I now always ensure that I do not keep anything confidential or hold back any information about the business goals and where we want to be in the next 5 years. If our team doesn’t know this, and doesn’t visit the mission daily, how can we expect to create a High Performing Environment?

– Create an environment where you are giving employees an opportunity to voice their opinions to improve employee engagement. Employees often have tremendous insights and ideas that lead to new innovations. Great ideas are not often generated by the top line employees but by your front line employees who are in the thick of it, day in day out.

Quick Guide:
• Outline your Vision, Mission and Core Values as an organisation (include your team)
• Display these around the office
• Treat your team members like people, not staff
• Show interest in their lives
• Give clear expectations/KPI’s and review these regularly
• Have a forum for your team to socialise (Friday night drinks, fortnightly lunches at the pub etc)

Find success by giving greater freedom to your employees and be aware of the impact that the organizational culture has on the employee performance. Expanding employee freedom are the cornerstones of attracting talented individuals.

Start with the quick guide, please comment and keep me updated. I’d love to hear from you always.