For the last 12-24 months we’ve had a consistent advertising budget of about £600 a week. Like clockwork this spend generated 60-70 people per week joining our database – it might even be how you found us!

But in the last two months things have changed dramatically. We’ve been getting 110-120 people per week connecting with us, and it’s rising. We haven’t upped the spend, though, and normally Christmas is a quiet time for us.

Why the sudden uplift? I’ve spoken to a number of people and here’s my conclusion:

  1. The economy is making people nervous. They don’t know what the value of property will do, they don’t know what the stock market will do, and it’s been a decade since people felt safe putting money into savings.
  2. People are realising that their biggest asset is themselves. People who build a strong personal brand command more money in a variety of ways. They’re seen as leaders in their field, they earn royalties from books, they’re paid significant consulting fees, and are offered equity deals to join company boards.
  3. People who build digital assets are no longer linked to just one location. They start connecting with a global audience. A person in the UK can have high-value clients and game-changing partnerships in a dozen countries.

I think people are finally seeing what I saw a decade ago: becoming a Key Person of Influence is the safest and most valuable asset you can build. It only took 10 years, but our message is really catching on!

How about you? How’s business for you at the moment? Drop a comment below and let me know what’s strangely been working (or even what’s strangely not working anymore).

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Key Person of Influence yourself, my guest speakers and I will be sharing our best ideas on 20th February. More details here.