For anyone interested in the future of work and how workspaces affect people this episode is not to be missed. My guest today is Soren Trampedach, a thought-leader on innovation and the new work culture, whose impressive 20-year career spans multiple leadership positions, and continues with consultancy roles with industry leaders such as Google, Deloitte, NAB, and Facebook.

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Soren created Work Club to provide established businesses with a unique, boutique solution to the challenges posed by the rapid pace of change in the working environment, partnering with TEDxSydney (among others). Soren has lived in 9 countries, is a seasoned professional, and a very original thinker on some of the most pressing issues of today. So much was covered in this interview it’s hard to sum it up, we also touch on things like:

  • How many workspaces have become ‘too cool to be useful’
  • How Soren has leveraged his knowledge and resources
  • The theory behind Work Club
  • Tactics for creating the right culture
  • The importance of diversity
  • Macro trends in business, entrepreneurship and technology
  • How Soren measures success in his business
  • The mental health aspect of an environment of peers
  • Why Soren is excited about the future
  • Pros and cons of benevolent dictatorships and democracies
  • The thinking behind Work Club’s brand
  • The value in having the right morning routine
  • Soren’s technological simplification experiments
  • Why high performance environments can be so powerful



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