S-l-o-w is bad for business. So I’m always looking for ways to speed everything up. As a Master Consultant, I especially like speeding up my clients’ income, and I’ve put together 8 tips below to speed up yours too:

Can You Go Faster?
Engineers joke about the way to make a machine go faster is to adjust the Nut running it. That Nut would be you!

We all have speeds at which we operate and a top speed we hit when something HAS TO get done. Most people can’t operate at that pace all the time, but 80% of top speed as your consistent performance standard is a very realistic goal. And it’s probably double your current speed, and could quadruple your income.

How to Speed Up NOW!
Try these hot tips today and you’ll be able to squeeze in a quick email to me about your progress:

1. Set high goals and targets you really want to hit.

2. Give yourself rewards when you hit them.

3. Have fun and show it – at least to yourself!

4. Take care of yourself – healthy breakfast, good nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise.

5. Set up your environment to help you produce better. Listening to fast banjo music is much better than slow songs or distracting lyrics.

6. When you have to do routine things, use it as an opportunity for doing a “speed drill” and do them as fast as possible.

7. When you’re doing something, just do it. One of the benefits of speed is it keeps you focused and in present time.

8. If you’ve piled up incomplete stuff you need to do, take an evening or weekend and knock out the backlogs. This works wonders.