I know a professional speaker who changes their topic of focus every six months. Originally they were an expert on networking, then they were an expert in e-commerce, then motivation, then content marketing, then bitcoin, then mindfulness… and in 2018 I’m sure there will be at least three new things this person “specialises in”.

This person jumps around and there’s no narrative about why. It seems to be based on whatever’s hot at the moment.

I’ve watched with interest to see the results this produces, and I’ve seen a clear downward trend. In the beginning, this speaker had audiences full of credible, affluent professionals who were happy to spend money they could afford. Today it’s rooms full of newbies who are chasing easy money and don’t have the means to invest.

When you change lanes, you lose credibility – unless you can show a really great narrative on why your thinking has evolved. Even then, people become suspicious. By all means, partner with complementary experts and broaden your offer, but be careful trying to make yourself into the jack of all trades.

I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t pivot. A pivot is a deliberate evolution of your thinking and your career with long-term intentions behind it. A pivot isn’t a swerve though. You don’t just yank the wheel of your car left and right hoping for the best. You take a deliberate step into a new lane that you intend to drive on for good. Good things take time.

Staying in your lane becomes easier when you do two things: Establish Influence in the industry you love, and build Digital Assets to scale your business.

On the 5th of March we’ll be sharing how you can do just that. Read more here