The concept of micro giving makes it easy for businesses of any size to make giving a core element of their business model. Steve Pipe shows us how it’s done and the impact it has in practice.

Each week on The Dent Podcast, we interview key people of influence in all walks of life. We delve deep to unearth how these successful people got to where they are, their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, and what their experiences can teach us all.

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Accountant, entrepreneur and author, Steve Pipe is one of the world’s most sought-after advisors to the accounting profession. But more than this, Steve is a creator of movements, just one of which is the Get And Give A Million campaign. Steve is passionate about showing businesses how they can make the world a better place and be more successful in the process, through simple, day-to-day actions.

I’m sure you’ll find his passion, and compassion, contagious.

Here’s just some of the good Steve shares with us:

  • The real, measurable, tangible and quantifiable impacts of giving
  • The phenomenal power of being nice in business
  • How businesses can be a force for change (even accountants)
  • The B1G1 micro-giving movement explained
  • The power of micro-impacts
  • Using the UN’s Global Goals framework in practice
  • The overwhelming business case for doing good
  • The feel-good factor and getting your team involved
  • Shifting the paradigm from charity model to conscious consumption
  • The simplicity of the Pledge 1% concept
  • The philosophy behind Get And Give A Million
  • Let your heart act as the compass that guides you in life



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