I’m not a great one for reality TV, but I found myself watching ‘Lose weight for love’ the other day (don’t ask). 

If you haven’t seen it (and why would you have), the show is based around the concept that in order to lose weight, couples need to spend time apart to work on their individual issues, then come back together to move forward as a team. It was quite an uplifting watch, and I found myself willing them to succeed.

What’s amazing is that each person knows they are slowly, or in some cases quickly, killing themselves, yet they haven’t succeeded in changing their habits. Some had been yoyo dieting for years and some you felt had given up, until this TV opportunity came along. 

What the consultants had to do was find out WHY these individuals continued to do what was bad for them, and then adjust their mindset away from the idea of ‘a diet’, a programme they had to suffer through, an add on to their already busy lives, to focus on building a new and sustainable way of life. 

To make eating well and exercising, ‘just how we do things round here’.

I come across a lot of successful small business owners who operate in a similar way to our ‘weight loss lovers’.  They talk about wanting to change, wanting to have an easier life, wanting to spend more time with those they love – but what do they actually DO about it? 

They know that they don’t need to work such long hours; that there is a way to keep their commitments to their partner, their children, their friends; that they can have a business that runs like a well-oiled machine – but just like our overweight friends, they see the remedy (systemising their business) as something they have to do ‘in addition to the day job’, something that’s going to cost them, something that’s going to be a whole heap of pain and effort.

So they do nothing, and plough on with the fourteen hour work days, grabbing a few days holiday when the business that’s running their life, allows them. 

And the truth is that systemising does take effort, possibly as much as 12 months’ effort. It takes time to build a High Performing Team and a business that runs like a well-oiled machine whether you’re there or not. And yes, if you wanted to be guided down the simplest route to systemising, you have to invest in support from those who’ve been there and done that, many times.

But isn’t it worth it for the rewards you would reap? Don’t you love yourself and your family enough to make the changes? Don’t you want that ideal future?

Why wait another 12 months? Why waste another 12 months?

Today is the day to change your MINDSET, to think about your big WHY, to take ACTION.

Do it for Love.

Do it! Do it! Do it!