In any given industry, some people struggle to get enough customers while others have more than they can handle. In any given market, some companies chase clients while others select who they want to work with and turn away the rest.

What sets these two groups apart is the way they see themselves. It’s the difference between seeing yourself as running a “business” (which actually sounds a lot like busyness) and a “Campaign Driven Enterprise”.

A Campaign Driven Enterprise is the identity you’ll need to adopt to become oversubscribed. It’s a strategic mindset that focuses you on running powerful campaigns. It turns your business into a series of critical moments and important events.

Consider the way the engine of a car hums along. If you look closely, you notice that hum is a series of Well-timed revolutions. In the same way a business that is humming along is often a series of well-timed campaigns.

Great companies – like Nike, Apple and Virgin, for example – all started (and continue to thrive) using campaigns. It’s also how I was able to launch a business at age 22 and make over one million dollars in the first 12 months. It’s how we then went on to do that with five other businesses in both boom times and the recession.

The skills and strategies for running a Campaign Driven Enterprise are transferable. In fact, the key to scaling your business depends on you learning them.

However, most businesses don’t think like this. They are set up to win and service clients one at a time. This approach is both unsustainable and causes people to grow bored or to burn out.

Here are the 5 phases of a Campaign Driven Enterprise:

Phase 1: Planning – know your capacity, who it’s for, and when you can deliver it.

Phase 2: Build-up – build-up to being Oversubscribed by signalling your intention to release your product and asking your market to signal if they want to know more.

Phase 3: Oversubscribed Release – release when you Oversubscribe your capacity.

Phase 4: Remarkable Delivery – this is the most important step in the process. You must deliver a positively remarkable product.

Phase 5: Innovate & Celebrate – tell your stories, track your numbers, and document your insights. The information you collect in this phase will help you deliver an even better campaign next time.


Building a blueprint for these five phases will help you execute a highly effective Oversubscribed campaign.

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