What is keeping you from achieving your greatest success? What is your biggest fear? Do you talk yourself into that fear by imagining what it would be like to fail? Are you constantly trying to run away from the negative in your life?

Anxiety is tied to a fear of the future. Anxious feelings lead to experiencing nervousness which leads to an inability to concentrate and focus. With anxious thoughts, it is impossible to have the relaxed, stress free and productive lifestyle that many people dream of.

What you think will happen, happens..

What you think about, especially if it’s negative, is what becomes manifest. All permanent change occurs at the level of mental activity, then it happens in the physical realm. So the first step for change is to stop talking about and feeding the fear with its resulting emotions.

Enter the  world of your own imagination by anticipating and visualizing what you want to happen. Use your five senses, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, to create the kind of life you want. It is called mental skills training or guided imagery.

Our thoughts create our reality and direct our physical body to produce that which is consistent with our thoughts. Therefore, only think about the good that you want and begin to eliminate negative self-talk.

As a medical student at Cambridge, Roger Bannister read several scientific documents dedicated to proving that it was physically impossible to run a sub-four minute mile. However, he believed it was possible. A huge part of his historical success was the result of “imaging and visualizing” himself running and breaking the record. After practicing in his mind hundreds of times, he was able to easily accomplish this “impossible” feat.

Limiting Beliefs

Are you limited by your own fear and excuses? Is your belief and commitment in what you can accomplish strong enough to produce successful outcomes? The potential we have as humans to accomplish our goals is unlimited. Release your fear and replace it with positive, empowering imagery of your talents and skills.

Practice makes better

Practice attaining your goals. Practice relaxing, both physically and mentally through deep breathing exercises (deep breathing exercises cause the electrical energy in your brain to slow down.) Once this has been accomplished, it becomes easier to place positive thoughts and imagery into your subconscious mind which in turn has the potential to turn your thoughts into mental clarity, focused concentration and goal achievement.

Produce an imaginary movie of yourself performing at your level of peak performance. Play this movie over and over in your mind’s eye, as if you were watching your own body from a different vantage point. Then, after you have watched yourself several times, allow yourself to move into the body and see your performance from inside the body who is living the life and carrying out the action.

Use your imagination to “see” or imagine yourself carrying out the desired action with a smooth, powerful, effortless and successful methodology. Imagine yourself confident, in control and enjoying the feelings of success.

Ches Moulton is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Personal Development Coach who provides clients with a wide range of therapies and psychological and mental skills training programmes, including treatment for anxieties, fears, phobias and obsessions.