I am sure you have probably heard the saying “You are what you eat”.

Today, in our so-called modern world, countless health problems are affecting younger and younger people. Statistics suggest that this generation is the most overfed, but the most undernourished generation that has ever lived. In fact, this is the first generation in which the parents have a probability of actually out-living their children’s generation!

We are eating dead food and are expecting to live and I have found often that people are putting the responsibility of their health on the government and the supermarkets. But in fact, it really is up to us what we put into our bodies.

There are many lifestyle diseases today. As the name suggests, lifestyle diseases are health problems that come about mostly as a result of the lifestyle people are living. These include:

Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Heart Disease, Stroke, Cholesterol, Digestive problems, and the list continues.

Gone are the days when these diseases kicked in at 60 years and above, as they are affecting almost anybody now. From a much younger age these diseases start creeping in, or people start getting told by the doctor that they are on the border of one health problem or another.

All of the problems above mostly have one thing in common. They are all diet related! Doctors tell us, if you are concerned with any one of these you need to be concerned about them all because they are all linked to our diet, and also one way or another link to each other.

World Health Authorities say that the best cure for most of these diseases is prevention, and that the main problem we have is lack of proper nutrition in our diets.

Previous generations before us ate pretty much the same things we’re eating, and lived until over 90 and 100 years of age. They could get fresh foods from their back garden and farms! They had enough nutrition in their raw foods to cook it in all the wrong ways and still get nutrition out of it. So what’s changed in the foods that we are eating? Well, it’s actually lost some of its nutrition before we’ve even cooked it. Things have changed because now there are genetically modified foods, artificial breeding, processed food, hurried lifestyles.

And sadly, the statistics are going from bad to worse. Experts say that Heart Disease was unheard of 100 years ago; Stroke they say is also a man-made disease in most cases. Cholesterol is an industry today because billions of pounds are being spent on cholesterol medications, and one of the main causes of digestive problems is fatty foods.

In a nutshell, a lot of these health problems stem from diet. Therefore, it is crucial that we pay more attention to the food we eat, and how we prepare it.

To find out the 6 critical things to look out for when cooking your food to maintain the majority of nutrients, take a look at my blog post here.

You only have one body in this life, so take care of it. Help your family and your children to look after their bodies too.

Remember, without health we wouldn’t have time to make money, save money, or spend money. Nothing Tastes as Good as Good Health Feels!