Many companies that promote themselves feel like they can get by with poor creative output, which they feel drawn to because of lower monetary costs. Besides, quality doesn’t really matter when it comes to making sales…or so they think.

Centuries ago, in order for you to appreciate the creative genius of masters like Mozart or Rembrandt, you needed to a) belong to the highest levels of economic status, b) physically transport yourself towards a location where you were allowed to contemplate excellence, and c) arrive at the precise time and location when these pieces were being exhibited or performed.

Not anymore.

The web is truly the great equalizer.

We live in a world where the most fascinating, outstanding, and admirable examples of creativity are at most people’s reach, right from the palm of their hand, without requiring them to even step out of bed. Handheld, tablet and even wearable computers are becoming less expensive than ever before. Economic status is no longer a barrier, as anyone can go to a public library and access the internet for free, enter a museum on free days, connect at certain locations via free Wi-Fi access, etc.

It would be a violent crime against your brand to fool yourself into thinking that your audience can’t distinguish between absolutely outstanding creativity and low-quality output. The apparent savings when ignoring this new standard results in a devaluation of your brand. Cheap is just too expensive.

Successful digital efforts incorporate an irresistibly attractive presentation quality. Your brand deserves nothing less.


Note: This is an excerpt from my book, Digital BACON: Make Your Online Presence Irresistibly Attractive. You can learn more about it by clicking here.