Tim Reid knows a thing or two about marketing.

After 20 years in agency land and big corporate, Tim had a gut full and started his own gig showing businesses how to become irresistible.

Founder of Australia’s #1 Marketing podcast ‘The Small Business Big Marketing Show’ Tim has proven through his work that it’s not the size of your budget that affects what you can do in the market, but the quality of your relationship with your tribe.

In this episode I talk with Tim about commercialising what you love, building an outsourced production team and why the size of your budget doesn’t need to reduce your influence:

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His new book, ‘The Boomerang Effect: Why Being Helpful in Your Marketing Returns More Customers and Makes You MScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.23.07 AMore Money’ is the bible of the modern world of marketing.

In our chat, Tim shares some actionable steps on creating and repurposing content across a number of platforms, how to use Social Media to your highest advantage, advice on outsourcing and hiring a kick-ass virtual team, and the lowdown on many more simple but effective Marketing strategies you can start using pronto to make a big impact in the market, even if resources are limited.  

In the podcast we dive into:

  • How limited resources doesnt need to limit your impact
  • How the number of zeros at the end of your marketing budget dont dictate what you can do out in the market
  • The influence small business owners can have to connect with their tribe and create influence
  • How you dont need a particularly large tribe to make a big impact
  • On exiting corporate and building your own brand
  • Rethinking the most common limiting beliefs: lack of time, lack of money and lack of knowledge
  • How you can get a lot of shit done between 7pm and 2am – which wont be too hard when youre doing what you love
  • On giving up banging your head against the wall and doing something that inspires you
  • Commercialising what you love
  • Getting over the limiting belief that I dont know enough about technologyto get on it with social media
  • Advice on hiring a kick-ass virtual marketing team
  • The team roles Tim couldnt live without to keep his business pushing forward
  • Busting the limiting technology belief
  • How time doesnt just come from a mindset shift but also from becoming more effective and efficient with your time, like leveraging your content and using it over and over again
  • Advice for re-purposing content and having it work in multiple ways across a number of platforms
  • Respecting the different ways people consume information by creating multiple forms of content
  • How to get rid of the its been done beforementality
  • How learning along the way instead of waiting until everything is perfect is the way to go
  • The power of authenticity in your Marketing
  • The three top mistakes you could be making in your approach to outsourcing
  • Getting a smile on the dial of your audience

Tim’s go-to podcasts & resources:


This American Life

That American Life

National Speaker’s Association

Gary Vaynerchuck – Social Media guru


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