Tracy Angwin is a payroll expert, popular keynote speaker, media commentator and bestselling author. Tracy has a background working with payroll vendors and professionals and, in her previous corporate life, worked in senior roles at Sage Microplay and NorthgateArinso.

Tracy is the founder of the Australian Payroll Association, an organisation providing cost effective, practical solutions to payroll problems. Australia’s first nationally accredited payroll qualifications, the Certificate IV in Payroll Administration and Diploma of Payroll Management were launched through Tracy’s efforts and vision.

Tracy’s career has gone from strength to strength. Her current endeavour started from a free email newsletter and is now a thriving business, where Tracy acts as leader and delegator of a great team of self-motivated, highly creative employees.

Her bestselling, debut book, Payroll Revolution, has been widely read and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs. Her new book, Profit from Payroll, was released in August 2015 and has been fantastically received by readers as well.

In this episode, Tracy and I talk about:

  • How she became a payroll expert
  • Founding the Australian Payroll Association
  • How the culture of sales has changed over the years
  • Her role as a consultant
  • The three key areas for any efficient and successful business
  • The huge amounts of money that can be saved from tightening up payroll
  • Doing things differently and making the payroll industry interesting
  • Her biggest victories and failures in her career
  • Being a bestselling author
  • How to sell consultancy
  • Pay per-day vs. value-based pricing
  • Tracy’s transition from being an operator to a delegator
  • The importance of trusting your employees
  • Focusing on strategy and leadership
  • Tracy’s current role in the business
  • Building partnerships with larger organisations
  • The importance of giving employees influence


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