In exactly one month we are hosting the annual London Brand Accelerator.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you in on a special guest speaker – Georg Ell, the UK Country Director of Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors is one of the most unique and innovative brands in the world. The founder Elon Musk is the most iconic entrepreneur in the world of technology and he’s chosen world-class people to lead the growth of the business.

An interesting fact about Tesla is that they don’t advertise or do any traditional forms of marketing. They let their people, their products and their customers do the talking. They break all the conventional rules when it comes to building an automotive brand.

In just 12 years Tesla Motors valuation has become $10 Billion more than Porsche – a brand with almost 90 years of history behind it. One key difference is the role of Key People of Influence. Porsche is mostly a faceless brand, very few people can tell you the name of the CEO or any of the leaders. In contrast, Tesla encourages its leaders to be brand ambassadors – which is why we are fortunate enough to have the UK Director speaking this March.

We’ve asked Geog Ell to talk us through his role as the Key Person of Influence at Tesla Motors. We want to know how he’s made the brand so powerful without the usual big budgets behind his marketing team. We want to know what entrepreneurs and leaders can learn from this unique success story. Of course we also want to know when we can book a test drive!

This talk won’t be released in any other format – you’ll need to be there.

Additionally, you’ll see world class entrepreneurs and leaders take the stage. You’ll see an award winning Angel Investor share ideas on how to pitch your business effectively. You’ll see someone who’s helped over 400 people write and publish books discuss how to go mining your brain for insights. The UK’s leading expert on commercialising your valuable ideas will talk to you about product creation. You’ll meet a woman who expanded a business to over 1000 locations in under 10 years talk about building game-changing partnerships.

No question, this will be one of the best conferences you’ve ever attended for the good of your business.

More info & Tickets here.

With this special guest speaker from Tesla Motors, the conference will be “purely electric!”.

See you there.

Be Brave.
Have Fun.
Make a Dent.

P.S. Would you like a special Key Person of Influence Tesla Test Drive? Click here to get behind the wheel of the new Model S.