When I was starting out on my own I had a dream of what I wanted to achieve, but like many dreams, it was hazy and unfocused, and I could never tell anyone what it was all about with any clarity. I wasn’t absolutely clear where I was going, and we all know what happens when you’re not sure where you’re going…you get lost!

And I did.

I ventured down so many rabbit holes, wandered into so many blind alleys, found myself in so many cul-de-sacs, desperately trying to get to…where?

You could say it was all part of my vertical learning curve, but looking back it feels like 18 months of wasted time, effort, and money!

Knowing your destination is crucial. It keeps you focused. It inspires your team. It gives purpose and meaning to your planning.

What is Your Vision?

When you’re thinking about your Vision, think about the impact you want to make, the influence you want to have, the legacy you want to leave.

Think ‘the best we can be’. Think ‘making a real difference’. Think BIG!

Your Vision should give you goosebumps every time you look at it, and connect with the hearts and minds not only of your team, but also of your ideal clients.

This is about the future you see for yourself and your business, your destination, so write it in terms of the future:

‘We will be…’ or ‘Our Vision is to be…’

At MPL (Marianne Page Ltd)

Our Vision is to be bigger than Gerber! Influencing every 6&7 figure business owner across the globe, to build the foundation systems that will give them the freedom to scale, sell , grow or franchise their business…or run it from a beach somewhere.’

It’s not about where you are now, (more of that in a future blog) it’s where you’re headed – your destination.

What’s the time frame?

People often talk about their 10 year Vision for their business, and it’s a great timeframe for the majority of us. But if your personal plan is to sell up and move to Bali in 4 years’ time, then the 10 year Vision doesn’t really work for you.

Whatever timeframe you choose, be clear about it. Write it in a journal or pin it on your noticeboard as the date you’re working towards. You’ll need it for your Planning.

Who is the Vision for?

  • It’s for you, to keep you focused, motivated, and on track.
  • It’s for your team, to inspire them with your clarity, and engage them in the journey.
  • It’s for your ideal clients, because it makes clear who you want to serve, and how you plan to serve them.

Don’t keep your Vision to yourself. Once you’re happy with it, share it with the team, get their input, get them excited about it, and then get it out there on your website, your marketing materials, your training resources.

This is a big deal. Putting it out there is the first step towards achievement, so take it now.

Do one thing: Write down your vision and pin it up on the wall. Ask yourself, ‘Does this give me goose-bumps’? and if it doesn’t, take it back down, and work on it until it does.  This is your future we’re talking about!