I’ve interviewed over 3000 entrepreneurs around the world and I’ve discovered that entrepreneurs and business leaders are playing three different games.

Struggle Game

These people are clinging to the past, getting stuck in fear, refusing to move on and repeating processes that don’t work. Businesses or people who are addicted to the struggle, miss the bigger picture because they are too busy working on a plan that is predictably set to fail in the future.

The struggling business owner doesn’t become oversubscribed. They just keep doing the stuff that keeps them struggling. They fantasize about some big breakthrough happening to them, rather than getting on with creating the breakthrough themselves.

Even when you give them answers, they often seem to stay with the struggle because that’s the game with which they are most familiar. The most important thing is to recognise it’s a struggle and to stop repeating things that don’t produce the desired result.

Lifestyle Game

People who are playing the lifestyle game work three to four enjoyable days a week. They are part of a team of three to ten people, run a profitable business, earn a personally healthy income and are passionate about what they do. Some of these people can work from anywhere in the world, and they often do.

These businesses and people have seen and embraced that we are living in special times. They know they don’t need to be “factory workers” (neither white collar nor blue collar). They can make money, have fun, travel and deliver great value to others.

The lifestyle business implements a method that generates all the clients they want in a short space of time. They often run 2-4 campaigns per year and enjoy downtime in between.

Performance Game

These people live and breathe high-performance. They are willing to work 50+ hours a week, have a team of 50+ people, build their business on a bold mission and a big purpose – and they earn big money.

The lifestyle seeker enjoys surfing the fun, smaller waves on a sunny day; the high-performer is heading out in the storm to catch the really big waves.

A high-performer uses a method to fill their capacity fast and then reinvest their energy into raising the capacity. They want to be able to impact as many people as they can and they view their secret method as a faster way to get there.


So, what game are you playing?