Many business owners face similar struggles of standing out in their industry, liked by fellow entrepreneurs and trusted by their market.

After asking 15,000 businesses, the top 3 struggle’s we can see are:

1. More Competition Than Ever – A lot of time is wasted chasing new business and hunting for the next deal. With more competition than ever in your market, being good at what you do just isn’t enough anymore.

Solution: You need to attract high-quality leads that are pre-sold and ready to buy, making the competition irrelevant, which in-turn, creates your own market.

2. No Room For Profit – 80% of businesses are dependent on the owner. If they stop, the business stops. By design this is an inefficient and unprofitable catch-22.

Solution: Update your business model to leverage influence and technology to unlock higher revenues and greater profit by removing yourself from the day-to-day running of your business and recruiting three people to cover sales/marketing, finance and operations while you become the face of your business.

3. Business Is Tough, And It Gets Tougher – Our research shows that over 62% of businesses (from our 15,000 sample) are trading time for money which means they aren’t financially rewarded, they can’t take holidays and they struggle to hit the six-figure revenue mark.

Solution: Establish yourself as the Key Person of Influence; they thrive in every industry. They have respected brands, they attract great opportunities, they’re highly paid, and can afford to do the fun stuff.

If you’re resonating with these struggles, consider attending our half-day workshop in London or Birmingham, which is being run by our founder – Daniel Priestley along with other industry influencers.

Here’s a quick video from Daniel on why you should attend

During this workshop, Daniel will be covering how you can master the five elements of Influence – Pitch, Publish, Product, Profile and Partnerships, the seven categories of digital assets which you need to formalise in business and much more!

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