You may have seen United Airlines’ recent incident involving one of their passengers. It’s taken the world by storm.

Their stock prices took a hit immediately; they lost $800 million in value overnight.

The reason why that incident occurred in the first place was all down to the company culture. Culture is one of the key assets you must focus on within your business, as it is the single thing your employees rely on when you’re not around.

You have to make your culture, and the vision and values that support it, a living, breathing part of your business.

In a way, the company culture is like a guiding star or an internal compass for your employees.

When a culture isn’t cultivated, employees are forced to create one and this leads to problems in the workplace.
There are a couple of things to consider when creating a culture within your company:
1. Be clear about your company vision and brand. Share the vision and big message behind your business in various formats, such as videos, reports, blogs and other content that people outside your company can consume.

2. Develop an on-boarding procedure to welcome new recruits. Ensure they feel socially welcome and their skills and experiences are valued.

3. Invest in training and innovation. This is crucial for your team to operate as efficiently as possible. More importantly, however, it makes your people feel valued, and feel that you are invested in seeing them do their best work.

Here at Dent, our vision is to see a world full of entrepreneurial teams solving meaningful problems. Our values are to Be brave, Have fun and Make a Dent in the universe.

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