Most people believe that the journey an entrepreneur takes is unique to every individual, and no one holds onto this belief more than business owners themselves.

But in thinking that their own journey is completely different from anyone else’s, they get caught up in its details and miss the actual bigger picture. Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses from various industries, we’ve learned a lot about the Entrepreneur Journey – particularly that it is, in fact, a lot more predictable than most people think.

On the Entrepreneur Journey, there are certain problems and frustrations that come along at a very predictable time, and there are also certain ways to overcome them if you know the journey ahead of you.

There are one of five areas where your business is currently sitting:

1. Start-up – Pre-revenue business, testing out ideas in the market, less time, more stress
2. Wilderness Struggling solopreneur, no product offering, juggling multiple roles
3. Lifestyle – A team of 3 – 12 people, less hours, more freedom, great revenue, low profit
4. The Desert – Too big to be a small business, and too small to be a big business
5. Performance
Steady growth, high valuation, investable, great team culture, profitable

Based on research and experience, and also reflective of Big Data, we’ve just released a 20-page report on these insights to help business leaders such as yourself to find out where you currently are in your own Entrepreneur Journey and how you can strategically plan and move forward.

Download the report here

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