The correct answer is “all three working together”.

I’ve tried these three approaches in isolation and they don’t work. Let me explain why.

A weekly sales business becomes dull and boring after a few years and never seems to sustain itself through lack of buzz.

A quarterly campaign on its own creates massive spikes and troughs in cashflow. Everything is hinging on a flawlessly executed campaign and the stress burns you and the team out you pretty quick.

A big message seems lofty and unrealistic when it’s not mixed with weekly and quarterly actions. People want to engage in some way in response to the big message. They hear “just do it” and then they want to go buy the shoes.

On the flip side a commercial business with no big message for how the world should change seems soulless and opportunistic.

All three of these elements need to work together in harmony. When they do, you’ll have a business that is flying!

Next week, I’ll be running a two-day workshop called Campaign Driven Enterprise. Over the two days, I’ll be sharing with you the tools needed to run a successful campaign, why planning your quartely campaigns for the year is crucial, how to release your product or service into the market with a big message, building up a waiting list of potential clients, having a seamless sales process and why you should refine your process after every campaign.

If you’d like to join us, you can get your tickets through the link above, or feel free to give our team a call on 0207 898 3993.