5 Steps To Build An Awesome Team Without The Drama

have a great team

8 responses to “5 Steps To Build An Awesome Team Without The Drama”

  1. Brilliant! Thanks Glen.

  2. Brilliant! I am doing a lot of this and my team certainly feel like a family! Still – I got heaps out of this Glen- thank you!

  3. Bob Greenup says:

    Just returned from “Silicon Valley” where my son is working at Facebook (3 month intern) – he’s just shifted to Google for 3 months – the culture at FB is exactly this. The place is open to staff 24/7, come and go as you please, work as little or as much as you like … just deliver on your milestones every 3 months. We will house you, feed you, entertain you and pay you well … don’t be a ‘dick’ and just get the job done. Amazing place to work … in his last week he was seriously sad to be going to Google! Fortunately he has been invited back next year 🙂

  4. Nina Jorgensen says:

    Well said!

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