A needle in a haystack: Something that is almost impossible to find because it is hidden among so many other things.

We use this saying so often, but, have you ever considered whether you and your business are actually a needle in a haystack?

Being found by your target customer in today’s economy is tough. Every business owner in your industry is fighting to get into the spotlight to stand out, scale up, attract a great team, and essentially be the go-to person within that industry.

So, how do stay clear from being “a needle in a haystack” within your industry?

Here are some tips to get you started off:

1. Convey a consistent message – Being able to articulate what you’re good at and keeping it consistent will help your target market remember you and wanting to find out more.

Write down your 20 second pitch that you would use if someone asked you “what do you do?” in an elevator and go out and use it at least five times today.

2. Give away your ideas – Becoming a thought-leader for your market gives away the idea that you’re the go-to person if people want their problems solved. Publishing content is a great way of doing this.

Write a 500-word blog on the seven mistakes your ideal customer is making by not choosing you to work with.

3. Introduce low entry products – Everyone in business charges for their product/service and competing on price is a dead end. To get people to fall in love with what you do (not your price), you need to offer low entry or even free products to get people to experience your brand and vision.

Organise a two-hour event for 30 potential prospects and run them through who you are, what problems you solve for people and why you do it.

4. Become Google Friendly – The online marketplace is a fast-paced world and it’s getting more crowded by the second. Dominating the first few pages of Google is key to make you standout from the crowd and make you authentic.

Visit Google and search for your full name. What comes up? Is it what you’d hoped? Are there things you don’t want your clients seeing? You can also Google your business and see the results.

5. Associate yourself with like-minded people – We believe that environment dictates performance. If we put you in a team at Google, you’ll automatically be working smarter and embracing a new culture, because that’s the norm within Google. You need to be a part of group who think the way you do and forge partnerships with like-minded business leaders.

Do some research on Facebook groups, online forums and networking events, which you can associate yourself with. This is also a great way to test/practice your 20-second pitch!

Going back to my third point (showcasing what you do through an event), I’d like to invite you along to our Business Brand Accelerator events coming up in March. We’re running them in two locations this year – Birmingham and London. If you liked the little tasks I’ve set for you above, I think you’d get great value from attending. Click here to find out more.