In 2012 Dr Zareen Ahmed founded her business Gift Wellness to provide sustainable sanitary products for women (and men).  Through innovative design and the drive to reduce plastic in the bathroom, Gift Wellness has exceeded within the marketplace by providing plastic free sanitary items including pads and pantyliners.  But this is only part of Zareen’s story…    


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In 2007 Dr Ahmed’s daughter Halimah passed away in tragic circumstances, in Halimahs honour Zareen committed to building a foundation around kindness and compassion, and so established The Halimah Trust in 2008.  The trust has become one of the most trustworthy and effective charities, and has carried out remarkable projects including building the Halimah School of Excellence for girls in Pakistan.


In this episode Daniel Priestley is joined by Dr Zareen Ahmed to discuss Halimah’s legacy and how becoming a key person of influence has helped to nurture Zareen’s business and kept her daughter’s ambition alive.   


Here’s a taste of Dr Zareen Ahmed and Daniel’s conversation –

  • Zareen shares with Daniel the story of her business Gift Wellness, what they do? And how they are helping women
  • The hypocrisy of the VAT tax in the UK for womens essential sanitary items in comparison to men’s sanitary products such as shavers
  • How Dr Ahmed is working towards completely removing all plastics from her products for the benefit of the environment but also product consumers
  • Zareen shares the tragic story of her daughter Halimah’s death and how she carries on the work and spirit of her daughter through the Halimah Trust
  • The partnerships that helped to grow the Halimah Trust and to undertake projects like a building a school for girls in Pakistan
  • How the lessons learned from becoming a KPI Accelerator have helped to shape Zareen’s business and her perspective on becoming the spotlight rather than being in the spotlight
  • The successes from the Halimah School of Excellence including the legacy of ambition passed down to its students
  • Dr Zareen Ahmed shares the lessons that she has taken away from her experience 
  • How you can help Zareen in her mission to reduce plastic in bathrooms and also preserve her daughters legacy

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The Halimah Trust