If you’re interested in learning how to create more liquidity and more scale while at the same time reducing risks in your business then you’ll definitely want to check out this conversation with Callum Laing. Not only is Callum CEO of the KPI Programme in Singapore, he’s also the Co-Founder of the marketing group PLC, a €100m+ company with 600 staff and offices in 5 countries. This time last year, PLC didn’t exist.



Callum is a specialist in helping seven and eight-figure businesses by employing a process called ‘Agglomeration’. By utilising this approach, Callum is able to help entrepreneurs and business owners unlock cash, increase multiples and even exit their businesses at much higher valuations than they would otherwise be able to. He also a regular writer and speaker on topics related to business ownership, and creative and strategic partnerships.

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In this conversation we get into all of that, plus a load more including:

  • How Callum earned his first dollar
  • The key drivers that keep the value of small businesses low, and how to address them in order to get your multiples to shoot up
  • How Callum lost it all and built himself back up using key partnership strategies
  • The scale paradox
  • The massive and untapped market of small businesses all over the world
  • ‘Agglomeration’ – mitigating risk for small businesses and increasing liquidity
  • Why you need to build all aspects of your business model into your pitch
  • 100 deals in 100 days
  • Proposing deals that people simply can’t say no to
  • Callum’s experience in gaining momentum and getting out of difficult situations through small wins
  • How Callum helps businesses to ‘cross the desert’
  • The ‘Illusion of Limited Resource’ and why it’s the foundation of all Callum’s partnerships
  • Callum’s systematic approach to content and creating over 350 interviews with business leaders from all over the world
  • Callum’s book, Progressive Partnerships: The Future of Business