In this episode of the Dent podcast, my guest has grown her startup from zero to $7 million in revenue over the last four years, doubling year on year, and is continuing to do so. Janelle Gonzalez, founder of Blue Toro Mobile Mechanics, is not just the CEO of Australia’s fastest growing automotive business, she is also a force in the marketing and technology business.

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Janelle and I had a great conversation about pitching, publishing, creating products, raising a company profile, and how she scaled an otherwise local service business into a national company. We also get into Blue Toro Racing, the race car team that she put together to raise money for charity and why philanthropy is a big part of the picture. If you want to learn about methodologies and checklists to help you systematically build out your business to scale up, then this is the episode for you.

We also get really into…

  • Navigating the unfamiliar territory of being an industry disruptor
  • How Janelle is addressing her current lack of a work-life balance
  • Why you must directly address your audience’s fear during a successful pitch
  • The benefits of elongating the franchise sales process from one month to five months
  • Mapping out the exact steps and outcomes of the franchise sales process
  • How to warm up an unfamiliar audience to foreign concepts like franchising
  • Being a female business owner in a male dominated industry
  • Janelle’s fearlessness in going against the automotive industry
  • Why Blue Toro switched from a flat fee to percentage model with franchises
  • The challenges faced in creating a charitable culture


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