There is often a lot of pushback from entrepreneurs when it comes to building a personal profile. Businesses used to be built on a brand name alone, but the world is hungry for authenticity. They want to know who you are. 

My guest in this episode of The Dent Podcast is the prolific entrepreneur and powerhouse, Tina Tower. Tina is one of those anomalies that seems to have been blessed with the entrepreneurial gene. At the age of 18, she invested in her first property. At 20, she started her first successful business. By the time she was 30, had built and sold two businesses, had two beautiful kids, graduated University and set up a national franchise network with her brand, Begin Bright.

These achievements have not gone unnoticed, and she has been highly celebrated for her multiple business wins. In 2014, she received the Australian Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year award, along with the My Business Magazine award in 2012 and the Australian Small Business Champion Award for Educational Services. Never one to slow down, she has also been featured on Sky Business, The Huffington Post and The Financial Review. 

Now, she is a globetrotting business coach, course designer and prolific podcaster and author with her successful show, Her Empire Builder podcast and new book One Life.

Tina loves to share her business wisdom, and that’s just what she did in our conversation. We discussed the power of personal branding and why you should aim to create a strong profile. We also discuss business strategies and how podcasts are a great marketing tool.



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Here’s just some of the gold Tina shares with us:


  • Tina’s journey from troubled home to business success
  • The difference between licencing and franchises
  • Why so many people resist profile building even though it’s essential for success
  • Why having 100 followers can be better than having 100,000
  • How to systemise and plan like a pro to regain time
  • How using live events can generate valuable business
  • How podcasts can create dozens of pieces of extra shareable content
  • Tina’s existential life crisis after successfully exiting a business
  • How Tina became an award-winning entrepreneur
  • Tina’s darkest hour and why she doesn’t fear failure



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