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2 days ago

EP.77 Shazam Co-Founder, Dhiraj Mukherjee, on How a Crazy Idea Became a $400M Business

Any entrepreneurial venture requires a leap of faith. But as Dhiraj Mukherjee explains, the leap of faith required by him and his fellow co-founders of the Shazam app was nothing … Read More

EP.69 Soren Trampedach on Functional Workplaces, the Evolution of Work and Facing our ‘Anti Disciplinary’ Future

For anyone interested in the future of work and how workspaces affect people this episode is not to be missed. My guest today is Soren Trampedach, a thought-leader on innovation … Read More

EP.67 Master Property Investor, Simon Zutshi, on Creating a Bestseller, a Booming Business and an Army of Ambassadors

If you’re not familiar with the name, Simon Zutshi is something of a celebrity when it comes to property investing in the UK. This seasoned investor, author and teacher, now … Read More

EP.63 Michael Clark on Securing Large Scale Partnerships with Tech-Giants, Expanding Business Across Europe & How to Win Large Scale Contracts with Global Juggernauts

On today’s Dent Podcast we had a talk with Michael Clark that’s a must-listen for any entrepreneur. Michael is the Queensland State Leader for Dent Global. But before that, Michael … Read More